Our Story

The story of Vision Accounting starts with it's founder and CEO, Tami Roderick. Tami has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. She worked as an accountant for her entire professional life working for various CPA firms. She maintains a passion for Accounting, Income taxes, Bookkeeping and Quickbooks. She has worked for and with many businesses in several industries and knows how vital maintaining finances is for any organization. Tami has seen first hand how a business can struggle due to inefficient accounting and has burned countless hours bringing years old unbalanced books back in to the world of organization. With this experience and passion, Tami also sees the downsides that some businesses, especially small ones, come up against. If a small business can't hire it's own accountant, or if it gets lost in the countless clients of a larger accounting firm, then where can it turn? Tami decided to build a business focusing on giving personal attention to those small businesses and individuals who need it. She provides elite bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation and accounting from someone who will know your name.

Tami felt so strongly about this vision to serve her community, that she worked to build Vision Accounting from the ground up. She at times worked other jobs while building a client base in her off hours to create her home town accounting firm focused on local small businesses. Tami knows the value of the hard work that it takes to build a business. That means that she knows the importance of your hard work and how to make your business thrive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide bookkeeping solution for clients of all sizes with elite level talent and personal attention. We aim to do this first by keeping our staff fully trained and able to handle any task quickly, efficiently and professionally. Second, we strive to make every client's business as important to us as our own business, whether the client is a large corporation needing a full bookkeeping solution, or a teenager who is filing taxes for the first time. We understand that without our clients and our community, we would not be here. And third, we strive to provide personal attention to "make the day" of our clients. We know that people rarely enjoy dealing with finances, so we aim to provide a personal relationship that keeps small things from falling through the cracks and provides our clients with a comfortable space to discuss their needs.

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